Thursday, March 2, 2017


No. We're not moving. At least, not anytime soon. But the house, it is a-changin'!

Did this ever happen to you? Back in our younger days, when we had to go house-hunting every few years, we got where we could instantly spot a "geriatric" home from a mile away, and were quick to say "Nevermind!" to the realtor.  You know the type. The garden was probably beautiful once, but is now running amok from neglect. Paint is peeling and there's just a general air of neglect about the place. The first thing to greet you as you open the door is the stale, musty air. Then, BANG! You are whisked through a time warp to a previous era, for nothing in the house has been changed or updated for at least twenty or thirty years. I really don't want to be those people.

So, perhaps that had something to do with our experience on Tuesday, when we went out shopping for a storage ottoman to replace this glass-topped-sharp-cornered coffee table, which is not the least bit toddler-friendly...

and came home with NO ottoman, but with two red leather, mid-century modern accent chairs on their way to our house! Does this house look mid-century-minimalist to you?

Time For The Spring Sofa-Cover-Switch-Out
And, did it stop with the chairs? Nooooo, of course not! Next thing I knew, I'd ordered a polka-dot rug to replace the oriental. Yep, you heard me. Polka-Dot.

Things are about to get interesting, no?


Rachel Mims said...

Where is the picture of the chairs??

Hill Country Hippie said...

They won't be delivered until Tuesday. I promise to post pictures once it all comes together!