Wednesday, December 28, 2016


As they were leaving our house Christmas Eve, son-in-law Nate said "Everyone should just wear their jammies to our house in the morning. I'll be in mine for sure!" He wasn't kidding.

Deadpool Jammies?
That was just the first shock, not the only one.  You see, my hubby's family didn't really do stockings once they quit believing but, as soon as we were married, I let him know in no uncertain terms that that was unacceptable, and my stocking had better have some stuff in it come Christmas day, if he knew what was good for him. He took me at my word, and each year after that he got a little more into it. So much so that he now fills everyone's stockings to overflowing, and the space around them as well. But even he was taken aback when he found this waiting for him:

At least four feet tall!
Fortunately, they just did it to get a rise out of him, and there was a normal-sized stocking waiting in the sidelines!

Calvin's response to pretty much everything? Put it in your mouth and see how it tastes!

 The kids combined their efforts to prepare a fabulous brunch for us all.

I don't think Nate's parents have ever experienced a Christmas quite like this, but they were great sports about it all!

Alas, now it is time to move on, take it down and store it all away, in order to switch gears and get revved up for a couple of January birthdays, one of which is happening this Sunday, on New Years Day!

Sweet dreams Birthday Boy...

Monday, December 26, 2016


If there's one thing we know for certain, after celebrating Christmas Eve at our house...

Happy Pappy
it's that our days of Little Goober sitting calmly in our laps are definitely numbered, and we can no longer dilly-dally when it comes to baby-proofing our house. And, all those great hacks we saw on pinterest, like slicing a pool noodle down one side and slipping it on the edge of your hearth? Not so great after all!

Oh, and if you are impressed by that swanky traditional snap western shirt my hubby is wearing, I should probably mention that he bought it for himself at that funky bazaar we attended last week, which means it is anything but traditional. Check out the embroidery detail.

Now you know where my kids get their sense of humor.