Friday, November 4, 2016


Last year when we went on a couples adventure to San Antonio just after Thanksgiving, when all the trees along the riverwalk were just dripping with Christmas lights, I posted my list of San Antonio must-dos here.  And, since we made a couple of new discoveries on our most recent trip there, I thought I'd better add them to the list.

Before leaving on this little trip I decided to dig out my old file of travel articles pulled from magazines like Southern Living and such, to see if there was anything I had missed over the years. I hit pay-dirt when I saw a recommendation for a shopping trip to Alamo Fiesta on Main. It's one of those shops where they probably started out in one section of their own house, and eventually took over the whole building, the one next door, and all the property in between!

As soon as I walked through the door I knew I had found my San Antonio "happy place".

There were rooms full of every kind of party goods imaginable, from pinatas to paper plates, not to mention the rooms full of  Happy Shirts and Dresses, and patios filled with garden decor!

We fell madly in love with these Chihuly-esque glass ornaments which they had stuck on hanging bottle trees, and brought a few home to replace faded bottles on our own tree. Hopefully we can add a few more each time we go.

By the time we had finished exploring every nook and cranny, we were starving. And, since we hadn't had much luck choosing restaurants this trip, we decided to ask the cashier for recommendations. She said there was a great Mexican place that had been around since the 30s just a block or so north of them on Main, and as soon as we drove into the the parking lot, the back of my neck got to tinglin'. Synchronicity, at work again! You see, several years ago our lawyer, an old frat-mate of my brother-in-law's, took us to lunch at a great little Mexican joint when we were over there updating our wills. I've been wanting to go back ever since, but couldn't remember where it was, or even the name.

Now I know. Best cheese enchiladas I've ever had, and believe me, I've had quite a few! Go for the works, and try the La Fonda Special.

P.S. This is for son Austin and son-in-law Nate:

Monday, October 31, 2016


Last Tuesday evening the hubby and I finally got to do something that has been on my bucket list for years now -- probably the very first thing I thought of upon learning what a bucket list was. We got to participate in a genuine farm-to-table dinner, hosted by the same amazing family that made my daughter's wedding a dream-come-true for her, just two years ago this week.

Apparently the family who owns Cypress Falls Event Center, right here in Wimberley, has a new protege -- a young chef named Ryan Austin Nickerson who, if I'm not mistaken, went to school at Texas State with one of their kids, then went off to study in Italy and to work at several restaurants, before coming back to do an internship with them and cater some of their events. Since he happens to be passionate about the farm-to-table movement, they decided to co-host this event. Lucky us!

I owe many thanks to two wonderful couples, whom we love hanging out at vineyards with (hence our self-given moniker The Winos), and without whom I might not have heard about this event until it was too late!

The first thing delivered to our table were these adorable little milk bottles filled with fresh raw milk, straight from the cow with a dash of cream, from MooJesus Dairy in Seguin. (The place to go if you want to experience being a farmer-for-a-day!) We were instructed to take a swig between each of the eight courses (yes, eight), as a palate cleanser.

Next came this amazing tomato-basil bruschetta topped with a dab of intensely flavored Balsamic Caviar. Not real caviar, but a molecular gastronomy concoction made from balsamic vinegar and agar, I believe.

After that, well, I guess I was just too busy eatin' and having a good time to remember to take any photos! (check out the "this event" link above to see some of their own lovely photos of the dinner) Suffice it to say, by the time the meal ended about three hours later? Well, we pretty much had to roll ourselves out to the car.

Here's hoping they do it again. Soon!