Friday, April 1, 2016


It's been a very long time since Hubby and I participated in any kind of athletic event together. Probably not since we lived on a company compound in Indonesia, where our Canadian friends and neighbors hosted an annual event called Trapper Day, which included such things as mud pit tug of wars and log rolling in the swimming pool. Ah, those were the days! I thought I had given up competing after that, but then I saw an ad for a new kind of race to be held right here in Wimberley. A Wine Walk! Hubby had us signed up before I'd finished reading the description.

The race began here, in front of Tastebuds, where we were given our official number to wear around our neck and a cute little totebag containing our wine glass and a map of all the "hydration stations", each manned by a different winery, and fuel stations, manned by local eateries. Plus there were a few little gifts inside. Then we were off!

Not long after we started we ran into old pal Phil, who probably participated in a few of those Trapper Day events himself. He and my hubby worked for the same company, and we ended up running into each other most everywhere we moved. Now he's retired to Wimberley, just like us, and his wife Julie (aka Paint Pouring Woman) is one of my Muses!

Some people really got into the spirit of things.

We probably would have finished a whole lot sooner, if it hadn't been for all the great little shops located next to each wine station.

Love that Yellow Rose of Texas t-shirt at Cackleberry Mercantile!
Judging by the turnout, I'd say the "race" was a resounding success! And, since all the money from entry fees goes to charitable causes, I'm guessing it will be held again next year.

We're pretty worn out from all that strenuous exercise, so we're probably just gonna take it easy today, and go see this new Sally Field movie. Later!

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yesterday, while in San Marcos, Hubby said he needed to make a quick stop at Lowes. I wandered the aisles of the garden section while he ran in to get what he needed and, as so often happens, he came out with a li'l somethin' extra -- three cute-as-a-button, color-mad mushrooms!

How did he know I would love them? Well, just take a look at my "squee" face, up in that center photo in the blog banner -- the one taken when I spotted my very first wild morel mushroom, over at Outdoor Woman's place. The very same look I got when I saw how precious these guys looked in my front garden bed. But wait, there's more!

They're solar! 

I told him I need about a hundred more. He said "How about three?"

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I've hit a rough spot in my reading habit this week, and several books are going back to the library not even half-read. One was well-written, but I just couldn't find it in me to like any of the characters enough to care what happened to them. Another was also well-written, but every dang paragraph was a metaphor. Some savor that. I find it terribly tedious after a while. 

There was this one book though. One which, though aimed at another audience altogether, grabbed me in right from the get-go, making me care a great deal about what happened to the characters.

It's a wonderful glimpse behind the scenes at small-town-Texas life in general, and teen beauty pageants in particular. One memorable scene took place in Odessa, Texas, where my hubby grew up, in a bar I'm pretty sure we've been to! I think you just might like it -- especially if you've ever been a Dolly Parton fan!

But now, what should I read? Picked up any page turners lately? I'll read just about anything from historical fiction and chick lit to sci-fi and YA. About the only thing I don't read is anything really dark (didn't get very far into Gone Girl) or where bad stuff happens to children. Suggestions please!

Monday, March 28, 2016


Is there anything better for a parent, than having one's younguns gather round?

Somebody must've dipped his head in the Easter Egg dye!

Each person got their one special Easter treat, and I was so excited to find a sugar-free version of Lexi's favorite, since she has recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

Unfortunately, sugar-free does NOT mean carb-free, and carbs are what she has to count. Oops! Luckily, she brought some delicious mixed berries and low-carb vanilla ice cream, so she did not feel too deprived. Plus she got these...

which I had a hard time parting with when I realized what a perfect match they were for my color-mad table runner!

What Easter Bunny Left For Hubby
What The Easter Bunny Left For Herself

Most entertaining part of the weekend? When Little Goober woke up and started dancing around in Mummy's tummy, for all to see!

Here's hoping you spent the weekend surrounded by your tribe, whether they be related by birth, or by choice.