Monday, November 14, 2016


Our house sits on the side of a solid limestone hill, with just the barest covering of soil. So, when it rains, the water seeps down into the limestone, runs downhill, flows across the road they cut into the front of our property and, finally, drops over the cliff and into the creek. Over time this process has formed little cave-like indentations along the side of the road, which drip with mini waterfalls for days after each rain. I call them my grottoes. For years now the Muses and I have been talking about taking them a step further by adding some mosaic work or a statue or something. And, par for the course, Hubby grew weary when all that talking failed to produce any results, so he took action. This was the result.

You have no idea how happy she makes me, each time I see her.

Just the lift I've needed these past few weeks!

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