Tuesday, November 29, 2016


On Friday we took advantage of the "early entry" privilege you get from staying in hotels there on the park grounds, and headed to Diagon Alley. Good thing we did, because once the park opened to the masses, we could barely squeeze ourselves into any of the shops, much less a stroller! The first thing we saw upon entering Diagon? This!

Gringotts Bank, guarded by a dragon who actually shot fire from his mouth on a regular basis!  Lex and Nate went on the ride that is inside, while we entertained Little Goober, then it was off to find Ollivander's wand shop, since the boys were both determined to purchase one of their own.

The geniuses behind The Wizarding World of Harry Potter have come up with at least a million ways to rid you of every last cent you have. One is shops that sell school robes and sweaters and ties that let you identify with the Hogwarts house of your choice.

The Mirror Talks!
Expensive? Yes. But I must say, seeing all the kids wandering around in their school robes and ties certainly did add to the atmosphere and thus, to my enjoyment!

Then, of course, there is the Butter Beer, both warm and frozen...

Beware of Butter Beer Farts
and all the tricks and treats to be found at the Weasley brothers' candy shop.

Then there are shops where you can exchange your Muggle Money or even purchase an owl for delivering your mail.

However, the most ingenious scheme by far -- one even a grown man finds difficult to resist -- is the one involving these magic wands.

You don't choose the wands. The wands choose you.  They come with maps showing you all the spots in the park where you can use them to make something magical happen, as long as you know the right words and motions to perform.

Making the Toilet Flush
Fortunately, there is usually a friendly witch or wizard around to assist those who haven't quite got the hang of it.

Highlight of the morning? Having a group of tweens in school robes come over to tell me "We've been over their gawking at your baby's awesome Toothless hat, and just had to come say something. It's soooooo CUTE! 

Oh yeah, and then there was this.

The Night Bus!

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