Monday, September 19, 2016


My baby turns 31 today! I gave him the choice between a home-cooked meal here at the house or dining out, and he chose Salt Lick Barbecue in Driftwood. Should I be insulted? Nah. I'd choose Salt Lick too!

In case you're not a Dr. Who aficionado,  Salt Lick now has a replica of the Tardis, Dr. Who's preferred method of travel when hopping about the universe. The sign on the door says "Here For The Ribs" -- so very apropos in son Austin's case!

Grandson Calvin came dressed for the occasion, sporting the latest infant fashions from Barcelona! (We found out the sex of our first grandchild while there, and had to rush right out and buy something to honor the occasion.)

His daddy, who favors black infant attire with skulls, thinks it's "the goofiest outfit ever!"
His life is so bright, he's gotta wear shades!

While there, we got the news that Birthday Boy and his co-worker have been invited to do a presentation for Black Hat Euro about a computer security "app" they designed, which means a free trip to London and a chance to hang out with his brother-in-law Amin.

All in all, it was quite the celebration!

Thirty-one years old, and he still wants video games and board games for his birthday! Then again, that's probably what got him this career he was born to have...

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Corrine at said...

Mine's not far behind, next May 31 as well. We are still young in our hearts though!!! xox