Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I do love my wee little bedroodio -- the artsy space I created in the corner of my bedroom. It's the perfect spot for working in my little art journals, with everything I need within arm's reach. It does, however, have its limits. For instance, it would not be a great place to set up a paper-painting assembly line. And, if I ever wanted to put into practice all the things I learned in my last art workshop, I knew I'd have to take drastic measures. So, this past Saturday I grabbed my old shower curtain liner, commandeered the dining room table, and did this:

I was so proud of myself for managing to fit everything I needed on the table, and still leave a little space at one end where Hubby can eat his breakfast. A short while later it hit me. Just where was I planning to lay out all those freshly painted papers while they dry? Doh! Sorry Hubs.

The crumpled pieces above are the baby wipes I use to clean my gelli plate and brayers - too pretty to toss!
Apart from that, it's working out quite nicely, and I plan to leave it up at least a week or two -- until it's time to clean up for the cleaning lady!

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