Monday, August 1, 2016


Although I cannot claim to have loved every piece of yard art that Hubby has gifted me with over the years, I have fallen madly in love with the most recent surprise to land on my doorstep.

Could it have something to do with a recent early morning visitor who sat watching me do laps around the driveway, just as calm as you please?

Or maybe it's because, before we bought this property and redubbed it "Seasonality", the original owners had called it "Fox Hill", and even embedded this little plaque in the concrete.

Or, could it be my perpetual enchantment with this song?

All I know is, he puts a big ol' grin on my face every time I pass him!

Hmmm, perhaps I need to order the children's book which spawned from that song for Little Goober's reading basket. Yes. Yes I do.


musingegret said...

A meditating fox!! Love him. Johnny "done good."

Hill Country Hippie said...

He did!