Friday, August 12, 2016


Babysitting gig, that is. A couple of weeks ago one of our daughter's best gal pals invited her to go to this -- the best event ever for a new mom's first night out. Then, shortly after the tickets were purchased, hubby Nate got an out-of-town assignment for the week of the event. Woohoo! Oops, I mean aaawww, too bad. Back up team to the rescue!

If it makes you feel any better Nate, I did bring these goodies, spotted at my favorite consignment store, to little Cal. Of course, it might be a while before he grows into them.

Yeah, I thought you'd appreciate those!

There was much dancing and singing with Mima, and some very deep discussions with Papa John.

Lucky for us, Little Goober has no problem at all with taking an occasional bottle when The Source is not available, and was out like a light by 9:00.

Actually, he tried to doze off even before that, be we woke him up so he'd sleep well for Mama (and so we could play with him some more). Fortunately, she came home not too long after I put him to sleep in the bedroom, since I have not yet conquered that new mom/grandmom compulsion to stand there watching him sleep, just to make sure he's still breathing.

It might take a while.

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