Thursday, July 7, 2016


As I mentioned before, I didn't make it into town for the parade this year, though I did join Hubby for our traditional 4th of July DQ Blizzard. Lucky for you, Hubby was willing to get up early and brave the heat and crowds. Anything for a few good photos!

So, here is what it's like, to celebrate Independence Day Wimberley-style:

That's my friend Outdoor Woman leading the Master Naturalists' Kazoo Band, sporting a top hat she fashioned to look like a rain tank.

I'm thinking Little Goober is going to love coming to Wimberley to watch the parade in a year or two, as long as Papa John is willing to go into town well ahead of us, to nab a nice shady spot from which to enjoy it all!

One of our favorite floats is always the one from our favorite pizza joint, owned and run by a family of 15! Hubby managed to get several great shots of their float this year, which he then came home and printed up -- a little thank you gift to take them when he next gets a craving for a Sunday evening pepperoni and jalapeno.

Here's to summer being halfway over -- only ten or twelve weeks of triple-digit hell to go!

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