Friday, July 1, 2016


Remember the new tradition we began a while back, when the first of the Muses finally became a grandma? The one where we threw them a Grandma Book Shower? Well, guess whose turn it was yesterday?  MINE, that's whose!

Outdoor Woman offered to play hostess this time, and since she happens to live on a dammed-up section of Lone Man Creek, with a great little swimmin' hole, we started the day with a good bit of this...

followed by a whole lotta yumminess, served al fresco on the back deck!

Outdoor Woman's Lox and Bagels with Caprese Salad and a Watermelon Boat
Fiber Woman's "Healthy" Strawberry Panna Cotta
By that time it was getting rather toasty outside, so we moved inside for the opening of prezzies!

Know what I love most about these "bosom buddies" of mine?

Fiber Woman gets carried away with all the tissue paper!
It's that we always have crazy-mad fun when we are together, with no assistance from any substances whatsoever. We get high on each other!

My dear sister-in-law Priscilla was there to share in the fun as well, and without her, there would have been no pictures to share with you! Unfortunately, that means she was not in a single one of them herself. We also enjoyed the company of Outdoor Woman's visiting Aussie friend Helen, whom we have shared adventures with before. All in all, it was a most excellent day.

So, how long must I wait before Little Goober is able to sit up in my lap?

I am beyond ready to get readin'!

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Corrine at said...

What spectacular friends you have and a great selection for the little one. xox