Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The Lanes and the Sanfords have been having adventures together for nigh on 40 years now. It started with our meeting up as newlyweds living on a small island in the Persian Gulf, and continued through the Houston adventure when both couples were struggling to have children, both gave up and started the adoption process together, then both wound up pregnant with our miracle babies right at the same time! Then came the years when jobs took us in separate directions, but we managed to keep our friendship alive by planning frequent family adventure meetups, often in the Texas Hill Country. Now the kids are grown up and married, and starting families of the their own! And, the four original Lanfords are still getting together for little adventures on a regular basis. For our most recent one, we drove all the way to Austin, Texas! (which took less than an hour)

Saying that our pal Tim is a huge fan of all things Motown is a bit of an understatement. So, when we found out that Motown the Musical was coming to Bass Hall, well, we just had to get tickets, right?

Did he enjoy it? I should say so. He was actually dancing in his seat, throughout the entire show. I kid you not!

We could easily have driven back to Wimberley after the show, since we went to a matinee, but where's the adventure in that? Or we could have stayed somewhere nice like the Driskill or Hotel Ella. Been there, done that. No, to get into the true spirit of Austin, we needed to stay someplace FUNKY, so we opted for the Austin Motel, right in the heart of S. Congress Avenue.

By the time we made our reservations here, all of the super-funky suites in the older part were booked, and we had to settle for perfectly nice rooms in the newer section. Next time we will plan ahead! Even so, you just can't beat the location, right next door to Jo's Coffee...

and right across from Amy's Ice Cream!

Not to mention the fact that it probably costs less than half of what you would pay for a room at Hotel San Jose, just on the other side of Jo's.

As if that weren't enough, we were smack dab in the middle of all the shops and restaurants on S. Congress, which line the blocks between Riverside and Oltorf. What's not to love?

(to be continued...)

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