Thursday, May 26, 2016


Little Cal had an appointment with a pediatric dentist yesterday. When the midwife first examined him she said he might be "tongue-tied". When she came to the house to check on him and discovered he had lost some weight, she was fairly certain of it, so she sent them to a specialist. He said it was becoming more and more common in newborns, but they hadn't yet figured out what was causing it. Luckily, it's an easy fix. Nate's parents had mentioned a craving for enchiladas, so while Lex and Nate took Calvin to his appointment, we took Holly and Frank to Chuy's! While there we got a message from Lex saying that everything went well and was over in a jiff, but that hearing her Little Goober scream was "pretty rough!" She thinks it was more from being startled than anything else, as he stopped soon afterwards. By the time we got back from Chuy's, with takeout for the new mom and dad, Cal was already nursing away!

When Little Mama took a break to eat her lunch, Papa John finally got to hold Goober for the very first time.

I think he's in love!

Or maybe he's just imagining all the shenanigans the two of them have in their future. 


Shelly said...

That's just the worst to hear your baby cry from pain instead of just the usual cry... glad to hear it all went well though!! Enjoy your new addition! So adorable!!!

Corrine at said...

He's just adorable, and grandpa looks quite content to be holding him and dreaming up big plans. Glad the issue was clear up quickly and he can go on to thrive. xox