Monday, May 9, 2016


A food-truck-tea-parlour? Only in Austin!

I'd been following the news of Austin's latest food truck phenomenon, Bundrick's Traveling Tea Parlour over on East 7th, for a while now, but had not yet gone to check it out. So, when daughter Alexis suggested that we celebrate Mother's Day there, I was like "Hay-ill Yeah!" Of course, we woke up to less-than-stellar weather predictions on Sunday, but did we let that stop us? Heck no! We just grabbed a couple of umbrellas.

You've heard the expression "You had me at 'Hello' "? Well, in this case, they had me at Harney & Sons -- a whole window filled with their amazing tea selections!

She just made that darling sundress, which will be a great transition dress after Goober arrives, herself!
Lex decided to try their White Peach, served in this queenly pot...

but I couldn't resist trying one called simply Paris -- a fruity black tea with vanilla, caramel and a hint of lemony Bergamot.

Both were exquisite!

You can order nothing more than a cup of tea if you choose, or you can add something from a generous selection of a la carte treats. You can also order the "cream tea" which is a pot of tea, scones, butter and jam.

However, if you want to go whole-hog to celebrate a special occasion, as we did, then you really need to call ahead and reserve a table and the "Afternoon Tea" service, which will look something like this.

We started with four kinds of sandwiches...

including the traditional cucumber, an herbed goat cheese, tuna on toast, and best of all, almond butter and honey on pumpernickel!

That was followed by two types of scones. We each chose the mini strawberry scone (To die for!) and took the plain scone home with us.

The final tier included two fruit tarts, two macarons, a lemony thing, and a miniature Italian Cream Cake. Half of that went home with us as well.

I think it may have sprinkled on us at some point, but we were having so much fun, and the tables all had such nice big patio umbrellas, that we barely noticed! All in all, it was just about the "sweetest" Mother's Day ever.

P.S. Speaking of sweets, in case you are worried about Lex and her gestational diabetes, her doctor said that her numbers are so consistently wonderful that a little splurge on a special occasion would not hurt. I just checked in with her, and they were well within the normal range when she got home and tested them. :-)

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