Monday, May 30, 2016


In the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, the deer finally decided to stop devouring all the poppy buds on our wildflower berm down the hill, leaving a nice display in honor of the occasion. Fortuitous, is it not, since poppies have long been the symbol of remembrance for those lost in battle?

 The Cantina Garden is making me very, very happy right now. After so many years struggling with drought and deer, it's finally starting to look like the garden I first imagined. Well, minus all the veggies I was picturing. Apparently veggies are not my thing. I'm more of a perennial person.

The Vitex is a purple blaze of glory right now...

and the traditional coneflowers are in full bloom...

but what really tickles me are these amazing hybrid coneflowers, bought for next to nothing off the bedraggled-rack at Lowes last summer.

I was not all that certain they would survive, but just look at them now!

Just love the variations in color, and how each bloom morphs as it matures!

Also love the way they blend with this crazy gomphrena that keeps coming back...

and this lovely Coral Bells, whose leaves start out a rich coral color, then turn into toffee!

But, know what I love most of all? These crazy 'shrooms that just pop up out of nowhere...

then turn themselves inside out!

Any idea what kind they are?

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