Wednesday, April 20, 2016


OK, maybe a few things went wrong on the day of the wedding. For instance, Lex and I showed up a little early to decorate the tables. All we needed to do was throw on a few tablecloths, and set out some votives and a bud vase on each table. Easy Peasy, right? Wrong! I know they told us we would get a certain number of tables and chairs, and that we'd have to move those chairs from the overlook area to the covered pavilion once the ceremony was over. But no one seems to recall being told that we'd have to set up and break down all those tables ourselves. Thank goodness Areej sent her brother and cousin over early to lend a hand wherever needed!

Amjad hangs pouffy pom poms standing on a rickety rocking chair, as our host claimed they had no step ladders for our use. Thank goodness he didn't break a leg, or worse!
Even so, we were still running a bit behind schedule.  Then we discovered that we had the beautiful purple cut-glass votive holders for each table, but no candles to go in them, and nothing to light them with! We sent Hubby in search of those. Next the bartender arrived with plenty of beverages, but no cups or flutes to serve them in! One of the groomsmen went off in search of those. Last but not least, there was the weather situation. So far the predicted rainstorms had held off, but as soon as we started filling all the bud vases with water and tulips, the sky darkened and the wind kicked up, knocking vases over and spilling water all over our beautiful plum colored tablecloths and burlap runners with matching lace.

Friend and Muse Julie (aka Pouring Paint Woman) arrives, sporting a hat fit for a Royal Wedding!
Plus, when the first guests began to trickle in, the bride was still getting dressed and her father had not yet arrived. Believe it or not, that ended up saving the day!

For, had we started the ceremony right on time, the bride, groom and all the guests would have got drenched! Instead, the guests, who had been milling around near the pavilion, simply headed there for cover, and the bride never knew what happened! By the time she was ready, the rain had stopped, her father and all our errand runners had arrived, and our good friends had grabbed towels and dried off all the chairs.

Miss Gabby
Check out that gorgeous bouquet!

Poor Lexi, who is expecting (in case you didn't notice), had very swollen feet before it was over with, but at least she didn't go into labor in the middle of it all! She did, however, burst into tears as soon as she saw her little brother's lip quiver, and the floodgates stayed open throughout the rest of the ceremony. She blames it on pregnancy hormones, but we all know how much she adores her little bro!

The rain held off until the very last moment, creating an epic photo-op when the Maid-of-Honor and Best Man, by mere chance, simultaneously swooshed open two clear umbrellas, to protect the bride and groom, as captured in this wonderful wedding-gift-sketch made by their friend Holly.

So, yeah, there were a few mishaps. However, there's no denying that it all came together beautifully in the end!

P.S. I'm sad/happy to say that I stopped taking pictures once the guests began arriving, and wouldn't even have these few had I not stolen them from Areej's cousin, who posted them on Facebook. Hopefully the photographer's photos will come in before too long, and I can post some from the reception.


Corrine at said...

Such a beautiful place. Lovely all. And hard work. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thanks Corrine. The kids did all the hard work, not us!