Monday, April 4, 2016


Since daughter Lex is newly obsessed with gardening -- having a new house with a big yard and having just installed her very first herb and veggie garden -- she got pretty excited when she heard about this: 

She suggested that we all meet up there this Sunday. I kinda wondered why son Austin agreed to come, since they are limited to growing things in pots on their patio for now, but then he pointed out the bit about them having live music and a beer garden. Ah yes, his favorite kind of garden!

There were lots of booths to shop from...

Good thing Little Goober is a boy, or I might have dropped a wad of cash here!

botanical, Japanese and demo gardens to explore...

lots of things for the kiddos to do...

Loved watching this cowgirl butterfly flit around!
Making Bubbles!
Smokie The Bear was there!
and the aforementioned Beer Garden, filled with great live music and all kinds of good things to eat and drink, such as the Mediterranean Crepe from my favorite creperie.

I even got my first taste of Kombucha -- something I've been dragging my feet on for ages. I don't really like any teas but black, and the thought of a fermented one just sort of gagged me. Buddha's Brew was there in the Beer Garden handing out free samples, which I was happy to pass up. However, the kids kept pressuring me until I finally took a sip of a pineapple flavored one. Well, surprise, surprise. It was just all kinds of bubbly deliciousness! Reckon I'll be able to find it here in Wimberley?

All in all, the perfect way to spend a beautiful spring day, wouldn't you agree?

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