Monday, April 18, 2016


Well, we're home from Austin's and Areej's final wedding -- the Hill Country wedding -- and we're thanking our lucky stars for such a wonderful and meaningful culmination to their union. I don't think you could say everything came off without a hitch (can you ever?) but there's no denying that it all came together beautifully in the end.

The sun was still shining when we showed up at the venue on Friday for our rehearsal, so at least those in the wedding party got to see it in all it's glory.

And yes, son-in-law Nate did wear his Halloween costume to the rehearsal dinner, where he would be meeting most of Areej's relatives for the first time.

We would expect nothing less from him, right?

Austin and two best friends from high school. Actually, he met Kevin, the one with the beard, in kindergarten - in Indonesia!
The rehearsal was followed by dinner at Trudy's, just a few minutes down the highway from the wedding venue.

The Best Man and his family, whom Austin roomed with all four years at Texas A&M
Can you tell the two on the left are closely related to Lex and me?
Areej's father meets the parents of Austin's kindergarten-in-Indonesia best buddy.
Areej's cousin Linda and youngest brother Amjad with Grumpy Nate
Above you see the pose Nate always strikes when he sees me coming with my camera. However, below is what you get when you are a wiley mama, who pretends to walk away, then whips around to snap a second  photo. Check out those dimples!

Most of us ended up at the same hotel afterwards, and though Hubby and I fell into bed pretty early, rumor has it that more than a few partied on through the night! (to be continued...)

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