Monday, April 25, 2016


In case you couldn't tell from the photos, Austin's and Areej's wedding had a lavender thing goin' on.  It was partially because the venue is, or was, some kind of lavender farm, although we didn't actually see any lavender in bloom. Mostly, however, it was because our Areej is passionate about all things purple.

Did I ever show you the dress I found for the wedding? Actually, I bought two. The first one was a rather stiff and formal, deep plum, silk-ish thing, found at Nordstrom's Rack. An "it'll do" kind of dress which was within my price range. But, as I was on my way from that store down to the book store, I spotted something in the window of a shop called Dress Barn, and I fell in love. (Hubby says I probably shouldn't tell people I found my dress in a barn.) Does this scream "spring at the lavender farm", or what?

I probably shouldn't tell you how little it cost, either. Suffice it to say, that little lace jacket I bought to wear over it? Well, that cost more than twice as much as the dress itself! Fortunately, I had no problem whatsoever returning the first dress I bought. What I love most about this outfit is that it also gave me an excuse to pull out some of my mom's beautiful old pearl jewelry, which almost never gets worn!

Speaking of lavender, check out these adorable party favors. The guests had one of each sitting on their eggplant-colored napkins.

A great recipe for using the edible lavender, to make Lavender Lemonade, is posted on their wedding page at The Knot, but for a more detailed version complete with photos, you might want to go directly to the source, Elise Bauer's lovely blog Simply Recipes.

There were lots of the gift bags left over, so I grabbed a couple of handfuls of each. I then planted several of the seed bombs in each of the planter boxes where I grow all of my herbs, on the balcony right outside my kitchen door. In fact, I just might have lavender to share, ere long, iffen those dang squirrels don't get to the seed bombs first!

P.S. If you know any other brides-to-be who are passionate about purple, Areej is selling round lavender tablecloths, burlap table runners with eggplant lace borders, eggplant napkins and serving table cloths, purple cut glass votives, etc., all freshly laundered and at a bargain price, here.


Corrine at said...

Love the whole idea, what could be better and you have such a great climate for lavender. xox

musingegret said...

Love the fabric of that dress and I, too, am such a fan of sheer coverups; went back to your 4/20 entry to see a pic again of that gorgeous lace jacket. How beautifully spring-perfect!

LaNell said...

Just beautiful. I also love all shades of purple. You did a wonderful job selecting your outfit.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Corrine, yes, this is definitely a climate very much like Provence, and we have lots of lavender farms hereabouts these days. And, judging from the killer winds that whip by us on this hill, one of which lifted our entire metal roof off of our house, I'd say we've even experienced Le Mistral a time or two!

ME, I am so excited about that lace coverup! It was just what I needed to get me back to wearing sundresses again.

LaNell, I'd say it was more a case of that dress selecting ME. Thank goodness it was in that window when I walked past, dead cheap, and that I was able to return the first one so easily!