Sunday, February 14, 2016


Do you remember, a long time ago, when I told you about the mystery attic above our detached garage? 

The one where Hubby stuffed a bunch of stuff, when we sold our house in Katy and started dividing our time between this place and a little rented townhouse in Houston?

The one that can only be reached with a looong extension ladder? Do you also remember that, not only has no one ventured up there since (11 years!), Hubby can't even remember what he put up there, and no one in the family has ever seemed motivated to find out, considering there might be critters living up there as well.

Barn Swallow Nest In Upper Right Corner
That all changed when a feisty little mama-to-be was reminded that the one thing we are fairly certain is up there, is the once-beautiful cradle that was handmade by her Papa George, when I was expecting her. Well, she had the whole crew lined up to come fetch it down in nothing flat, and on Valentine's Day, no less! Just pray that a swarm of bats doesn't come hurling out into the face of whoever is first to open that door.

Care to lay bets on who that lucky person will be?


Anonymous said...

Oh 11 years, I would expect a whole host of critters although it's probably really hot up in there so maybe nothing is living in there. Good luck. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Yes, I'm praying that our bizarre temperature extremes up there made it less than enticing.