Friday, February 19, 2016


Opening the box of baby clothes and toys, which we found in the mystery attic, unleashed a storm of memories. I could picture my kids in those outfits so clearly. I spread them all out on the dining room table, "to air out", and ended up leaving them there for several days, so I could do a bit of time-traveling each time I entered the room.

Apparently Little Austinootie was Sherlock-Cool way before Sherlock was cool, thanks to his plaid deerstalker cap that Auntie Gus brought back from her stint in Scotland. Lex got a matching tam, but it seems to have disappeared.

Speaking of Auntie Gus (our very own Auntie Mame), check out all these outfits she gifted Lexi with -- one for each major holiday!

We're so fortunate that she didn't meet Uncle Bud until a few years later, so she had all that extra time and money to lavish on my kids. Actually, I bought the Coca-Cola swimsuit myself, with the 500 smackaroonies I won when Hubby sent me off for a girls weekend with my sisters in Dallas, and they took me to play Bingo! I've always been rather lucky at Bingo. You probably don't want to play with me.

Then there were these gorgeous handmade Easter outfits, which I commissioned from my good friend Beth Schmohr.

Are those precious, or what? Plus, there was this hand-crocheted outfit from from Great Granny Lantz. Or was it one of the great aunts? Maybe so, because Granny Lantz made them each a baby quilt.

I was most excited about finding our beloved Sesame Street house, which I'm sure my grandkids would love playing with...

if it weren't for the fact that Bert has taken a hike. Flown the coop. He's on the lam! No wonder poor Ernie let the place go to pot. He's lonely and depressed! Can you imagine spending all that time locked away, with no one but Cookie Monster and Oscar (in the trashcan on the porch) for company?

Anybody got a spare Bert they're willing to part with? Or, know of a new toy or game that includes Sesame Street figures about that size?

Sigh. Those were the days!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous reminders and they are in such good condition. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Yes, we were shocked. We expected to find an attic full of decay and critters, but it must be really well-sealed!