Friday, February 26, 2016


I still can't believe that it took us almost ten years to find out that the best place to get a burger anywhere around here, is actually at a little barbecue joint!

Unfortunately, you can only get this Blue Plate Special on Thursdays, and you'll have to fight all the members of the Sheriff's department and the Fire & Rescue Team to get a parking spot or a table, which is why I've dragged my feet about sharing this little secret.

But then I started feeling guilty for tryin' to keep it all to myself.

Every single bite of this char-grilled delight is a time-traveler's journey back to the char-broiler joints and backyard barbecues of my youth. I must warn you, however, to get there early. They open at 11:00, and when they're gone, they're gone! 

Just remember. Mum's the word!


LaNell said...

Shhhh.. I'll keep the secret all the way there. LOL

Anonymous said...

Love places like this. A hole in the wall that's back in time and the food is to die for. Perfect. xox