Sunday, February 21, 2016


Susan (left) and Rena
It is really, really hard to go an entire year between visits to Lucky Star Art Camp. Seriously! So, a few months ago, some of the campers in the Greater Austin Metropolis came up with a way to fill in the gap. They decided to get together once a month for a pot luck lunch and some artsy fun, rotating from one house to another. They call it a Lucky Makers Meet-Up. I missed out on the first two due to travel and what have you, but when I heard that the next one was to be held right here in Wimberley, hosted by my friends LaNell and Susan, well, you'd better believe I was the first to sign up!

Susan's house sits above the still-beautiful Blanco River, despite its loss of all the majestic cypress trees that used to hide those cliffs from view. In fact, her house took on five feet of water in the epic Memorial Day Flood, when the water actually topped those cliffs for the first time in history, and had to be completely redone. It made my heart happy to see that their lives were finally falling back into place. They lost so many treasures, but she did a great job finding these new/old mid-century treasures on Craig's List. Eat your heart out Alexis Lane!

Who, besides me, had something like this in their bedroom back in the 60s?

Of course, ours wasn't nearly this cool! Sister Gus and I gave up a gorgeous antique canopy bed that we had to share, so we could have separate twin beds that we arranged like this, with a square table built by our dad. 

Anyhoo, if there's one thing Susan has plenty of, it's nice, smooth river rock! So, what better project than to paint some of those rocks?

Our hosts fixed taco soup and the most amazing broccoli cornbread for lunch...

LaNell reminds me so much of my sister Gus, I do a double-take each time I see her!
and Miss Rena, who drove all the way down from Temple just to join us, brought these!

Oh. My.
It was a very good day!

So, if any you former Lucky Star gals live anywhere close to Austin, or if you have signed up for next November and want to meet some of your soon-to-be-best-pals ahead of time, I suggest that you ask Miss Tricia to add you to the Lucky Makers Meet Up facebook group, so you don't miss out on hearing about any of the upcoming gatherings!

And, if you haven't yet been to Lucky Star? Well, you just don't know what you're missin'!


Corrine at said...

Great idea, how fun. xox

LaNell said...

We did have a fun day! Great pictures. Thanks

Hill Country Hippie said...

No, thank YOU!