Monday, February 22, 2016


My daughter and her hubby volunteered at BodyHacking Con in Austin this weekend. What is BodyHacking you ask? (I know I did!) It's the internal and external things we do to change or improve our bodies -- everything from tatoos and piercings to bionics. My first thought was "Poo on that, who needs it?", but then I discovered that I too am a BodyHacker. I became one as soon as I strapped on my first Fitbit a couple of years ago.

While there, Lexi posted this photo:

Little Goober Attends His First Con!
Hubby's reply? "Her body has definitely been hacked!" I guess I haven't seen a side view of her in a while, because I was like "Whoa! When did that happen?" Little Goober ain't so little anymore!

Speaking of Little Goober, one of our favorite shops in Barcelona had the cutest little color-mad kiddo hats I've ever seen, and we couldn't resist bringing a couple home with us, one of which was an orange striped jester hood with a long pointy tip -- perfect if Little Goober were to attend a Renaissance Festival with his geeky parents.

As soon as they got home with the hats, Lex and Nate sent us these:

NOT the Goober we intended them for...but...still pretty cute, dontcha think?

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Corrine at said...

Body hacking, well I gave the fitbit away, because the phone does the same thing and you don't have to wear it, guess that counts. Cute goober with the hat yes. xox