Wednesday, February 17, 2016


On day four in Barcelona, after our epic breakfast at Escribà, we headed back to the hotel to take care of some business, such as booking some tour tickets online for the following day. (Yes Priscilla, we finally heeded your advice!) Later we headed back down Las Ramblas, past the market and the opera house, to a street called Carrer Colum. We followed that back to the beautiful Plaça Reial, which is surrounded by nice restaurants and cafes that the locals actually frequent.

We were afraid nothing would be open that day, being New Years. But, as it turns out, it's mostly just the shops that close (which is how I discovered all that great shutter art I shared with you last week), and not the restaurants. People gotta eat, right? It was hard to decide, with so many options, but we finally settled on a great window seat at Les Quinze Nits, looking out on the square.

We spent the afternoon exploring that area further...

then went back to the hotel for a little birthday nap, before heading out for supper. The restaurant we wanted to try was closed, so we ended up dining al fresco at the more casual sister restaurant to the place we had lunch, La Crema Canela.

When we saw the description of their gourmet burger with guacamole and blue cheese, accompanied by tiny little matchstick fries, well, we just couldn't resist. It had been so long since we had one!

Let me tell you, it really hit the spot! On the way home Hubby reminded me that it was his birthday, and he had not yet had any cake or ice cream, so I compromised by treating him to a scoop of gelato in a chocolate coated cone. He was a happy boy!

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