Friday, February 12, 2016


Our 4th day in Barcelona was New Year's Day, and Hubby's 66th birthday. On that day, we decided we just couldn't take our hotel's breakfast, which was the same every day, any longer. We'd been warned that most businesses would be shut down that day, but decided it was worth the risk to go out in search of a better breakfast. Guess what we found, just down Las Ramblas, near La Boqueria market? EscribĂ !

It was a bit chilly to be dining outside that morning, so we made our way through all the candy and confectionery, and stepped down into the cozy indoor seating area.

We both ordered different versions of their breakfast sandwiches, and I seem to remember my hubby downing a chocolate croissant as well. Plus they had excellent tea choices, for a country obsessed with coffee and hot chocolate.

Mine tasted as if they had taken croissants, stuffed them with luscious ham and creamy cheese, then pressed and cooked them pannini-style. Yum!

I could have stayed there all day, but eventually Hubby got itchy feet, and we were off to do some more 'splorin'. He did, however, agree to come back for breakfast two more times, so we could try the Belgian Waffles with chocolate sauce, and the almond croissants.

Okay, now I'm really, really hungry. Thank heavens we have our own little Sugar Shack, right here in Wimberley, which does an amazingly delicious almond croissant!

Is this place gorgeous, or what?

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