Sunday, January 10, 2016


Remember this guy?

It's the travel journal I purchased about a year ago, when the notion of a wedding in Sudan first came up. I did quite a bit of reading on the subject, which inspired a couple of journal entries...

but then set it aside for a while, when the wedding date got pushed back several months.

My original plan was to work on it every day that we were abroad, but, as I discovered on our trip to San Miguel this summer, that doesn't really work for me. So, instead, I just made it a point to pick up little bits of this and that along the way, such as stamps, postcards, maps, business cards from favorite shops and restaurants, ticket stubs, boarding passes, etc. Now I am having a marvelous time pulling it all together into interesting journal pages which, much like my blog posts and photographs, help me to relive, absorb, analyze and experience it all in yet another way. More bang for your buck, right?

I call this spread Arrival: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same



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