Friday, January 8, 2016


So, here's something you don't normally find us doing in the middle of January

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, up around 70F, that Hubby and I decided we should crank up the grill for dinner. And, since he doesn't believe it's worth doing just for the one measly steak that we usually share, he bought enough meat to last us a week. Or two. Or three. Dontcha just love it when all you have to do is toss a salad or roast a pan of veggies, and Voila!, dinner is ready?

In other news, guess what we found out while we were in Barcelona? It's a BOY! Daughter Alexis is now about 21 weeks pregnant, and when we left on our trip we still didn't know the sex, and she hadn't felt any movement, so it didn't seem very real to us yet. There was a darling shop near our hotel with a window full of the most precious all natural, hand-made baby clothes, but I wasn't really tempted to buy anything. But then we got the call. Not only did they know the sex, she had felt him move. And just like that, I'm seeing things I need to buy for him everywhere I go! Lex says we won't believe how big her tummy has grown since we saw her last. In fact, her whole center of gravity has changed. She said she squatted down in Target the other day, to reach for a package of thank you notes that were on the bottom shelf, and next thing she knew she was flat on her back with her legs in the air! Hubby and I are both really, really sorry that we missed seeing that!

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lexlane said...

I'll have you know I ended up on my butt. Not my back. So there.