Monday, December 21, 2015


A bit of a miracle it was, too! I thought I had them crammed to the brim already, when I got a desperate call from Mr. Austin, begging us to squeeze in a few more things for him. If I can ditch my fancy toiletries satchel and scatter that stuff in little pockets here and there, and stuff my special pillow in the outside compartment, I just might pull it off -- and just in the nick of time, for today is the day! Miss Areej left for Sudan last Monday, and has spent the rest of the week being pampered, smoked and beautified. We'll meet Austin at the airport after lunch, but won't actually arrive in Khartoum until Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn. One helluva journey, no?

Meanwhile, guess what Santa and my kiddoes gave me for Christmas? Why, more color-madness, of course!

Santa managed to find me a couple more Happy Blouses, each more beautiful than the last!

Austin and Areej gave me a block printing kit to go along with my new screen printing obsession, and a certificate for supplies, while Lex and Nate hit the jackpot with these three awesome books!

By the time we get back from this epic adventure, I think I will be more than ready for a few blustery winter days -- the kind that give you an excellent excuse to stay home in your jammies all day and play with all this wonderful artsy stuff.

Merry Christmas Ever-Buddy!  See ya on the flip-side!