Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Well, this is the final countdown guys and gals. Less than 24 hours until I leave for Lucky Star, and I'm still in panic mode, trying to get everything done!

On the plus side, all the supplies I had to order for my screen printing class made it here in plenty of time.

On the down side, I'm still scurrying around like mad, hemming my new birthday jammies, which were about a foot too long, and washing, drying and ironing the blouse and bandanas I will be working on in my Indigo-Shibori-Tie-Dying class...

as well as the little onesies and bibs...

and tote bags and towels...

which I want to decorate with screen printing. Not to mention trying to come up with a few ideas concerning WHAT to print on them!

Then there is my Heartsongs Folio class, which is kind of an art journal thingy made with monoprint papers we have created using geli plates. We're supposed to pick a theme and then gather various images and ephemera that might fit in with that theme. I'm thinking...I may go with...

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...
a GRANDBABY theme!

Most important decision of all?

Which Happy Shirts to pack!

Monday, November 2, 2015


Frequent Visitors Here
Once the kids got older, we started thinking about where we wanted to end up, and how we wanted to live. One thing was obvious -- paring down was going to play a critical role. And, in the process of deciding what was important, and what was just "stuff", our holidays got pared down as well. It was my first Christmas spent here in this house that was the real eye-opener. Ever since, I have become more and more focused on quality, not quantity. These days, I put out just a handful of fall decorations, but the ones I do put out make me go squeeee inside, every time I pass them.

And now, it's on to Christmas! HaHa, I could hear my friend Nicki moaning all the way from Houston, just as she always did when I had to start ordering Christmas stuff in August at the garden center where we both worked. But, the thing is, I love Christmas more than all the other holidays combined, and with us leaving for Sudan before Christmas, and all the craziness that will be going on prior to departure, I fear it might get lost in the shuffle this year. Well, I'm just not gonna let that happen!

Besides, it's actually Hubby's fault. He opened the gates when he surreptitiously added these to my succulent centerpiece.


Sunday, November 1, 2015


Daughter Lex had a little party last night for a few close friends and us. She had three big things to celebrate. First of all, it was Halloween, her very favorite holiday. 

Her Hubby, The Joker (a vintage version)
Her Puppy Dog Izzy
Brother Austin and fiance Areej, dressed in character for the Murder Mystery Party they were heading to after this one.
Another cause to celebrate was the eve of their First Anniversary. Can you believe it's already been a year?

A Smaller Version of Their Red Velvet Wedding Cake With Amaretto Filling
But the most important thing of all to celebrate was...

Curtain Separating Entry and Living Room