Thursday, December 10, 2015


Picking up where we left off yesterday, this is something I probably should have mentioned first...

9) Don't even think about spending just one night here. Two is the minimum, and just allows you to lightly skim over the downtown riverwalk area. San Antonio is a huge place full of great museums, a fabulous zoo and botanical gardens, as well as too many wonderful restaurants to count, such as La Fogata, up on Vance Jackson. Don't cheat yourself!

Sunrise on Houston St.
10) If you are an early riser like me, you will probably need someplace to hang out until the rest of your traveling companions decide to haul themselves out of bed. Last time we stayed here, I found a great little bagel shop a short walk down from our hotel, and was devastated to discover that it is no longer in business (darn you carbophobes!). However, thanks to a super-friendly doorman, I found something even better, just around the corner on St. Mary St., with the best breakfast tacos around!

Welcome to Blanco Cafe. I knew I was gonna love it, as soon as I peeked through their windows!

And it's not just a breakfast place either. According to those banners hanging above the counter, they've won awards for their enchiladas four or five years in a row. Must go back and try those sometime!

11) Spend a morning shopping around the Market Square/El Mercado area. Yeah, the merchandise is mostly cheesy stuff geared towards tourists, but it's still a wonderful, color-mad place to have some fun.

12)When you've had all the color-mad, cheesy fun you can take, head over to Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia ...

and have the best cup of Mexican hot chocolate ever.

Seriously! I probably shouldn't say this, and I hope Paula will forgive me, but it's actually kinda lucky that her son Chase, a teacher/coach, caught strep from one of his students and passed it on to her. If not, she wouldn't have gone in for meds and told her PA about needing to get well in time for a trip to San Antonio, and then the PA wouldn't have told her about going downtown with her friends every year in high school, to see the lights and drink Mexican hot chocolate at Mi Tierra! So thank you Chase, we owe ya!

13) Follow that with an afternoon of real shopping. If you have a thing for art supplies, you might want to go here.  If you have a think for hats, you'll definitely want to go here.

14) Last but not least, when you've checked out of your hotel and retrieved your vehicle, you should head over to the King William district, and cap your trip off with a sumptuous brunch at The Guenther House restaurant, housed in the beautiful old home of the original owners of the Pioneer Flour Mill, which is still in operation. Amazing biscuits, pancakes, waffles and other pastries made from their own flour!

The even have a cute gift shop upstairs, where you can purchase their biscuit and pancake mixes, and lots of other stuff too!

Plus, if you are there at Christmastime, you can see the amazing replica of Guenther House which their master baker creates out of gingerbread, cookies and candies each year.

I guess that's it for my San Antonio Must Do List. What about you? Got any wonderful things to eat, places to go, or things to do in San Antonio? Please share!

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