Sunday, October 11, 2015


For some reason, autumn always puts me in the mood for a tea party. I was just thinking about calling up the gal pals when I got a call from my old friend Nurse Nellie, whom I met when we were both newlyweds living in Bahrain, and who now lives right down the road from Salt Lick BBQ.

She and her hubby just got back from touring Ireland, where she became addicted to hot tea and scones. Luckily, our own Sugar Shack Bakery makes fabulous scones (especially the toffee one!) and she told me that if I had a teapot or two she could borrow, she'd like to host a tea party.

Do I have teapots? Duh!

The men were sent off to play golf, but sweet grandson Wyatt was allowed to stay and entertain us, wearing his new Irish cap.

The least blurry shot I captured of him, as he is not one to stay still!
I ask you, is there any better way to spend a lovely autumn afternoon, than sipping tea and nibbling scones with good friends?

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