Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Photography is a funny thing. You can take ten photos of the same thing in the same spot on the same day, and every one ends up looking completely different. Take these selfies for instance, which I took a few years ago when I needed a profile picture for something.

Same hair, same make-up, same everything, but in the second one I took a picture of myself in the mirror, which gave it a little bit different angle and, woah! Needless to say, the first picture never saw the light of day, ere now. In the olden days, we gals could snatch a photo like that out of the packet and trash it, as soon as we picked them up from the developer. Nowadays, with everyone snapping photos right and left using their i-phones, and posting them to Facebook and Instagram before you can blink an eye, well, it ain't so easy!

We bloggers, on the other hand, have an edge. We get to pick and choose just which photos go into each and every post, and we utilize "selective photography" at every opportunity. For example, if I were going to post a picture of the big pot out on my patio, I would be sure to photograph it from this angle, focusing on that beautiful Dahlberg Daisy in full bloom...

rather than this one, which shows that all the other daisies in the pot are dead, dead, dead, and have been for weeks!

And, if I wanted to show you one of my beautiful succulent pots, I would choose this one...

instead of the one right in front of it, which the deer took a liking to.

And of course, both inside the house and out, I make sure that stuff like this...

is always just outside the viewfinder!

All of this is just to say, don't believe everything you see on the internet. Despite all appearances, no one actually lives in a perfectly decorated, perfectly clean, perfectly organized house. Or, if they do, it's only because they live there all alone, for they have surely driven their friends and family away, with all that obsessive cleaning and organizing!

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