Sunday, October 4, 2015


Hubby has been attending a film fest over in Austin all week. Everyone wonders why I didn't go with him. Perhaps these photos will help you understand. I believe they must have been aiming at a younger, geekier crowd. Perfect for my hubby, right?

His favorite movie of all was that one on the right.
He had a total blast, and plans to go back again next year, but...five whole days of having to be up by 7:00AM, driving back and forth to Austin during rush hour, and sitting on his tushie all day long in a darkened movie theater?  It Wore. Him. Out!

So what did we do on his first day off, to help him relax and recuperate? Why, we went to a movie, of course! By the way, you should definitely go see The Intern, with Robert DeNiro. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus we can't wait for the new Bill Murray movie, which they showed trailers for, to come out.

We just might go see The Martian today.

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