Thursday, September 17, 2015


Last Friday -- our "date day", when we normally go to lunch and a movie -- there was nothing on at the theaters we wanted to see. Instead, I suggested a trip to Trader Joe's over in Austin, to pick up the ingredients for a nice cheese platter to take to Lexi's housewarming party. The first surprise came when, instead of heading up Mopac in W. Austin, Hubby headed to a new Trader Joe's in downtown Austin! Who knew?

Afterwards, he asked me what I wanted for lunch. I couldn't think of anything in particular, so I told him to "Surprise me." And he did! Have you ever heard of a place called Zeek's On 6th?

It's a tiny little place out W. 6th, beyond all the clubs and bars. You'd probably never notice it if you weren't looking for it, as it shares a building with with a big hair salon called Bella, across the parking lot from Winflow. Hubby was back for their BLT, which he remembered as being mighty tasty. I went for one of their three specials that day -- Salmon Benedict. All I can say is, "OH MY!"

The sandwich was truly delicious, but it was those french fries that made me moan -- crispy European style, with just a touch of truffle oil. John went with the spicy potato chips, and they had to have been house-made. Best I ever tasted!

And so, once again, it's Adventure Boy for the win!

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