Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I have this thing. This thing for hi-liters. Whenever I'm reading a book I own, I can't resist hi-lighting anything that resonates with me. Which is why, when my friend Paula recommended The Happiness Project to me, she added "But, you need to buy your own copy so you can hi-lite things. You know how you are!"

So, recently I started reading this book called Crazy Rich Asians, which takes place in a part of Southeast Asia where we used to live, in one of our very favorite cities, Singapore! And, well, pretty much everything in the book resonated with me, from the mention of places I remembered going to, to all the descriptions of foods I loved and ones I wish I had tried, plus all the cultural things I didn't know about back then, but which explain so much about Asian people we have met through the years -- especially our son's best friend and next door neighbor when he was in middle school in Plano. We loved the kid to death, but at ten years of age he was already a devoted name-dropper who wore nothing but designer clothes, and his dad was determined to send him to a boarding school in Switzerland where he would finally meet "the right kind of people."

Needless to say, I just went to town in that book with my hot pink hi-liter.

Too bad it was a library book.


Anonymous said...

Will you be buying them a new copy? Ha too funny. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Just as soon as I gather the nerve to go 'fess up!