Friday, August 14, 2015


Good news at breakfast! Our ailing tour member got to come home from the hospital later that same day. Her hip replacement had not "broken", the bone just popped out of its socket. They sedated her enough to manipulate it back into place, then sent her on her way. Lesson Learned: Always get travel insurance when you leave the country, and always opt for the "health coverage/hospitalization" option. It costs very little, and could save you a fortune. Just because you have health coverage in the US does not mean they will accept it in another country.  

After yet another yummy breakfast treat at our hotel -- toasted bolillo buns topped with refried beans and cheese, with tomatillo sauce and guacamole on the side -- we were loaded into three vans and driven out to the huge traveling market that lands there in SMdA each Tuesday. Consisting mostly of produce stands, used goods and food stalls that looked and smelled delicious, but which we were warned not to eat from, we were all quite under-whelmed by the shopping opportunities. But the photo ops? Well, those were endless!

Anybody know what fruit this is?

Squash Blossoms Ready for Stuffing and Frying
Hubby did manage to resist the temptation of a macrame baby bed, but it wasn't easy!
Once we were delivered back to our hotel, Hubby and I headed over to La Biblioteca for a bite of lunch at Cafe Ana, then it was off to the Artisans' Market, where we found plenty to buy -- including a couple of "Happy Blouses" for me!

We met back up for a refreshing beverage at Muro's on Calle Loreta, before heading back to the hotel for our afternoon shower/siesta/journaling break.

That evening we were planning to return to Carreo Cafe, maybe try some of their other menu options, but must have taken a different street than usual, for we stumbled upon several shops and restaurants we hadn't noticed before.

My one great regret is not buying that precious Frida doll when I had the chance. Maybe I can just get Hubby to print and frame this photo for me, so I can hang it near my art table for inspiration!

When we spotted a restaurant called Hank's, which seemed to be hoppin' with activity, Hubby suddenly remembered that it was one a high school friend, who spent time in SMdA, had recommended. I guess you could call it Mexican-Cajun-Fusion cuisine. I'm not really sure.  All I know is that their Salmon Ceviche, with its citrus tang, bits of creamy avocado, and bright cherry tomatoes, was muy delicioso!

After dinner we finally made it back to Calle Carreo, where that very same friend claimed there was a bar called El Gato Negro that Hubby simply must go to. "But," he added, "don't let the outside scare you off." Which, of course, was enough to make me nervous, but only made my hubby more determined! Unfortunately/fortunately (depends on your point of view), we wandered up and down the street without ever spotting it.

From there it was back to El Jardin for our nightly entertainment. John got some great video footage of the strolling musicians, the kids playing with their giant torpedo-shaped balloons that could bounce and fly, and the break-dancers in the gazebo. Sadly, he can't figure out how to transfer it to me so that I can share it here on the blog!

Strolling back to our hotel we passed a wee little gift shop that appeared to have no rear wall. Instead there seemed to be a large fountain of some sort, and behind that, a garden? We went in to get a closer look. Whoa! Were we ever surprised to discover that garden was surrounded by a great little night market full of shops and stalls, where I found the perfect Happy Earrings to go with one of my Happy Blouses!


musingegret said...

Despite the bad-grammar title, I think #9 is what you found: Dragon Fruit!

Can't wait to see your shopping treasures: Happy Blouses/Happy Earrings

Donna Lange said...

Your trip sounds amazing. I would have snatched that Frida doll up too -- you just might have to make another trip! The food and shopping sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Another trip is already in the works. Seriously considering spending the entire month of August there next year!