Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I was in the kitchen yesterday morning, and when I glanced out the window I spotted the biggest, fattest deer I'd ever seen, down by the old church B&B. At least, I thought it was a deer. Because, well, deer, dogs and the occasional fox are pretty much the only four-legged critters one ever sees down there, and I knew it wasn't either of those other two. But then I noticed something odd about that deer.

She had a long tail that kept swishing back and forth!

Next time I looked, one of her bovine brethren was moseying across the road to join her. I saw two trucks pull up about then and assumed that was the owners coming to the rescue. But no, they were just a couple of looky-loos who went on their way. Then more cows made their break.

Next thing I knew, the whole herd was running amok!

I kept waiting for the owner to notice, but I guess he wasn't home, and I didn't know their name to look up and call. At that time, we were expecting another gully washer at any moment, so I grabbed the little Wimberley phone book to find the number for Animal Control. But, there was no such listing in either the white or the yellow pages. Then I ran to the computer to google Wimberley Animal Control. Nothing for that, but I did find something for Hays County. Unfortunately, the only phone number listed was for the animal shelter in San Marcos that they contract with. I called and left a message. A short time later I finally got the information I needed.

Sooooo, who do you call in small town Texas when the cows are on the loose? Why, the Sheriff, of course. Doh!

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