Monday, June 22, 2015


My hubby's been shopping again. A couple of weeks ago he came home with this sculpture/trellis for the garden.

I have to say, I was downright shocked when I saw it. It's quite a departure from his usual gnomes, flamingos, and sea serpents. I think it's pretty classy, don't you? I might even go so far as to call it elegant, and it will have quite an impact as you round the curve in our drive. Have my hunny's tastes undergone a drastic metamorphosis?

Nah, probably not. Last week he came home with...

a new flamingo!

Let's just say his tastes are becoming more eclectic.

P.S. Reckon he'll notice if the flamingo migrates down to the Cantina Garden?


musingegret said...

Love, love, love the globe sculpture; did he get it at that yard art place in Drippin? On another note: Is your water containment "full to bursting"?? I'm getting a little tired of standing water in our yard! lol

Hill Country Hippie said...

Apparently he got it at one of the shops here in Wimberley, though our whirligig came from the one in Drippin. Yes, believe it or not we're halfway through summer and our tank is still full. Plus we've barely had any days over 90, which is highly unusual! On the downside, our stone terrace is so slick and slimy I can't even walk on it right now. Almost broke my neck when I was out walking this morning. Definitely needs some sun and a good powerwash!