Monday, June 8, 2015


Several years ago I bought a bunch of these Fair Trade market baskets, handwoven in Ghana, to give as Christmas gifts -- and an extra for myself, of course. But then there came an occasion when I needed a gift for one reason or another, and I gave my basket away.  I could always get another one, right?

Well, fast-forward four years to this weekend. Hubby and I are strolling around the square to check out some new shops that went in (more about that tomorrow) and we spot a bunch of big round Bolga Baskets through a shop window. I then say, probably for the umpteenth time, "I really need to get one of those for myself someday." I can only surmise that Hubby was tired of hearing me say that, for he grabbed my elbow, propelled me into the store, and said "Pick one!"

Easier said than done. You see, my house is mostly decorated in brick reds and grass greens, and there were no baskets in that combination. Plus, something kept pulling me over to this one basket they were using as a doorstop. 

Not my colors at all, really, but the universe kept telling me otherwise. Finally I acquiesced, though I had no idea where I would put it.

When I got home I bent to place it on the hearth, until I could come up with someplace better. As I straightened up and turned around, I found myself staring at this picture of the San Antonio Riverwalk -- another impulse purchase from a couple of years back, that really hadn't gone with my color scheme!

 Sometimes ya just gotta hand it to good ol' Synchronicity!


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