Monday, May 25, 2015


Hubby and I met up with Lex and Nate Saturday morning, to take part in Austin's 2nd Annual Weird Homes Tour. Lucky for us there was a lull in our epic weather of late, and we managed to squeeze in seven out of the ten houses before the bottom dropped out again. Unfortunately, these seven houses resulted in about a zillion photos, and there's just no way to condense them down to one post. Instead, I think I will have to do one house per post, and spread them out over the next few weeks.

The first house we went in, Freeman House, was actually my favorite, and yet it's the one I took the least pictures of. Guess I was just too busy soaking it all in. I don't know that I'd even call it "weird". Instead I'd classify it as "unique but liveable", and that photo above pretty much says it all -- colorful, but serene.

The main building was built somewhere else back in the 40s, then later moved to this spot on Tisdale Dr. Behind that was another building which housed the wife's acupuncture studio, and behind that was the husband's art studio. Connecting them all was this amazing tropical garden...

a whole lotta barbecue thingamajigs...

and chickens!

I just can't believe I didn't take any pictures inside, for it was the one house where we all walked in and said "Hey, I could live here!" It was swathed in vivid color on the walls and in the tile work, which served as the perfect backdrop for a carefully curated, minimalist collection of well-aged and patinaed furnishings. By the time we left, the kids' heads were spinning with ideas for their future home.

So, while this was the house we all voted "most liveable", the next one we visited would have to be the one most likely to cause claustrophobia and anxiety attacks. Stay tuned!

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