Sunday, May 24, 2015


We went to bed last night with our phones shrieking flash flood alerts, and woke up a short time later when Hubby's C-PAP machine (for sleep apnea) stopped working, due to lack of power.  When I got up a few hours after that, the rain had finally let up, but there were no lights to be seen anywhere for miles around, except for one right at the end of our street.

As soon as it was light enough to see where he was going, Hubby followed the light to its source. There he found several members of Kyle's rescue team, in their big truck with search lights, waiting for the water to go down. They had rescued several people and made it here to higher ground just in time, before "the big wave" -- caused when the Blanco river rose more than 40 feet -- came rushing through.

When we went back down a few hours later, our usually-dry-creek had finally subsided to what you see in the pictures here, and the rescuers had gone back to work.

We are lucky. We may have lost power and water for a while, but our house sits high and dry, and we are very, very grateful for that. Many others were not so fortunate. I'm not sure about lives yet, but I know many homes were lost.

I am also very grateful that our power has now come back on, and for a day without any rain in the forecast. Tomorrow? Well, that's another story, with a 90% chance of more thunderstorms.

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musingegret said...

So relieved to know that y'all are A-OK; figured the house was high & dry but didn't know how high up the bank the creek would have encroached. Very happy to hear that you'll show us Weird Home Tour pics over the next few weeks; we decided just on Friday to opt out based the forecasts!