Thursday, May 28, 2015


For the most part I have always been what some call a "chipper" person. I have managed to handle just about everything that has been thrown our way (and we've had our share) without losing my glass-is-half-full outlook. I do, however, have an Achilles Heel. I know myself well enough to realize that I could never be a cop, a paramedic, a social worker, one of the search & rescue people who have been combing the shores of the Blanco River this week, or pretty much anyone who has to deal with the horrors of the world on a daily basis. If I had a job like that, I would surely sink into a pit that I could not climb out of. Just hearing the stories and seeing the pictures is enough to have me teetering on the edge. That's why I have so much admiration for our friends the Sanfords, and their kids, who have always had jobs such as these. They are my heroes. Which brings me to this.

Have you heard about the new coloring books for adults that are all the rage right now? I haven't come across one yet, but I did pick up one of these postcard sets at Michael's a while back.

They had several different themes, but these Balinese motifs were the ones that jumped out at me, having lived in Indonesia a couple of times. Once I brought them home, I all but forgot about them, getting caught up in art projects for a class I was taking, taking our little beach trip, etc. But then, as you may have heard, all Hell broke loose here in our little town of Wimberley. Once that happened, I couldn't seem to focus on much of anything, other than the steady stream of horror scrolling down my computer screen. Usually, just about any kind of art takes me to my happy place, but I just couldn't seem to focus enough to start a new project of any kind. So I pulled out these cards instead. I didn't have to decide what to create or how to do it. All I had to do was color.

I was shocked to discover how soothing and meditative the process was.

Try it! You just might find a shortcut to your Happy Place.


Donna Lange said...

So sad to hear the news out of Wimberley. We've had our share of downpours in Comfort but the infrastructure in place is handling it well.

I bought those same post cards and a full size book as well at Michaels because they were on sale and i thought it would be fun to try it and then add it to some mixed media project. I am glad you found some distraction in them. I hope to get to coloring on mine soon.

Hope things get back to "normal" soon in Wimberley, although for those that lost so much that may never happen. Thanks for your updates on FB!

Cindy Oates said...

Hey Backy,
I saw an amazing book at Michaels & on Amazon that was a dot-to-dot like no other. There are three titles. 1000 dot-to-dot Cities. Icons and Aminals. Might need a magnifying glass to do it though. Not sure it will be as relaxing as what you got. I will report back.

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thanks Donna. I'm beginning to think things will never get back to normal here. Just got another flash flood warning for all day tomorrow. We're supposed to be going to a Postmodern Jukebox concert with the kids tomorrow night in Austin, but I have a feeling we aren't going to make it!

Cindy, I think the dot-to-dot sounds fun. Haven't done one of those in for-e-ver!

Corrine at said...

I'm good in a crisis, but I get what you mean. I've never experienced anything so dramatic as your flooding. My answer would be to take in a bunch of strays until their owners could be found, that would be my way of coping and helping. So many coloring books out there now aren't there. xox