Sunday, May 31, 2015


Have you ever heard of a guy named Scott Bradlee? Maybe not, but he happens to be a bit of a musical genius -- and I'm not just referring to his piano playing, though that is pretty amazing. No, the thing that makes him "so very special" is that he gathered together a group of super-talented musician friends, all struggling to make a living in New York City, had them dress up 40s style, gave them his jazzy arrangements of some modern songs, and made some videos to post on YouTube, calling the group Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox. Next thing they knew, they were traveling the country performing for sold out crowds at amazing venues like the old Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas. Best of all, they did it without the help of agents, producers, or record companies. And, this weekend, we were there to applaud their success.

An added bonus was that it gave us yet another opportunity to don our speakeasy wedding attire!

Lexi's wedding dress has since been dyed (professionally) a soft blue-green.
It was almost worth the price of the tickets just to be in this beautiful downtown theater again.

The three origial female members, whom you will see in many of the groups YouTube videos, are these gals here...

Ariana Savalas, Morgan James, and Hayley Reinhart.  Morgan, the blonde in the middle, probably has the most amazing, well-trained pipes, having graduated from Julliard with a degree in opera. You've simply got to hear her sing Take Me To Church. But there's just something about that curly-haired Hayley Reinhart, there on the right, that had members of the audience (mostly guys) yelling out "I love you Hayley!" at regular intervals throughout the show. I almost did it myself, after hearing her version of the song Creep.

If you're a fan of American Idol, you may have seen Hayley there, as well as  Mr. Casey Abrams (with all the hair kinda like mine) who sang and played the cello.

The big finale was this song, which you may have heard once or twice. Oh, and did I forget to mention the tap dancing?

All in all, it was a fantabulous evening!

Can you believe this amazing theater is where hubby and I used to go on movie dates back when we were both at UT? I know you younguns love your multiplexes with dozens of options to choose from, but there was something about seeing a movie in a gorgeous venue such as this that made it, well, more of an event.

Speaking of "events", guess who is celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today? We are! Quite a feat in this day and age, don't you think? Our upcoming trip to San Miguel de Allende was supposed to be our gift to each other, but since that's not until August, we each ended up doing a little sumpin sumpin for the other. As for our age-old debate about stuff vs. experiences, I think we both got it right this time. I managed to find him a new gizmo which, miracle of miracles, he had not yet heard of and bought for himself...

while Hubby gave me a card with this inside.

Guess I'd better get packing, huh?

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