Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I think I married my dad!
It's been a few months since Hubby and I have been on an adventure with our BFFs, Toad and Mimi. This time we decided to introduce them to another favorite spot, but one that is the polar opposite of the fancy schmancy hotel in Houston's City Centre where we met up with them the last couple of times. In fact, it's really just a bar/cafe in Port Aransas, with a few rooms to rent.

Why would we take them there? Primarily because it's not just near the beach, it's actually on the beach, and beaches just happen to be our friend Toad's fav-o-rite places to be in the whole wide world. Plus, if you go while school is in session? In the middle of the week? Well, you've got the place pretty much to yourself. Why do we love this particular place so much, when the rooms are just boxes with built in furniture covered in tile (so they can hose them down to get rid of the sand), without any closets or wi-fi or mini-bars? For starters, there's the view from the rooftop deck.

There's rolling out of bed, pulling on my swimsuit, and heading out the door for my morning walk...

then coming back to join the sleepyheads on the cafe porch, while they wake up with their morning coffee...

coming back there in the middle of the day to cool off with an iced tea or soda...

and winding down there at the end of the day, visiting with whatever interesting people Mr. Toad has struck up a conversation with. (The man never met a stranger!)

There's breakfast tacos at Cancun, fried oysters at Giggity's, trying one of Texas Monthly's top 50 burgers at Port Aransas Brewing Co., an afternoon gelato at Coffee Waves, and a scrumptious seafood dinner at Shell's, followed by live open-air music at The Back Porch or down by the marina.

You can even top it all off with a bit of dolphin spotting down by the jetty!

What more could one ask for in an adventure?

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