Thursday, April 9, 2015


Have you ever wished you could draw, or at least do something a wee bit creative? Well then, Junelle Jacobsen is the gal to see! I could not draw at all until High School Debbie introduced me to Junelle's online classes. We're talkin' kindergarten stick figures here! But, Junelle just has a knack for "mollycoddling" and encouraging her beginners. Each class is open to all, beginners through advanced, and she usually starts off with something as simple as drawing radishes or eggs. Then we move on to something a little more complicated, like baby lambs, but she breaks it down into such simple shapes and steps -- draw an oval here for the body, an egg shape here for the head, a tiny pink heart for the nose -- that anyone can do it. Every time I complete one of her projects, I just stand there with my mouth agape, thinking "I can not believe I did that!"

But the classes aren't just about drawing. There's all kinds of seasonal craftiness in there, plus, now that she's brought her sister on board, there's seasonal cooking and eating too! So much seasonal goodness to be grateful for. Which is why I finally had a lightening bolt realization as to what this one little journal -- made from a book that really shook my world back in the 80s, and opened my eyes to the importance of things like seasonality, gratitude, and being your "authentic" self -- was meant to be.

I think it was meant to be a Seasonal Gratitudes journal, don't you? The perfect place in which to gather all the lusciousness resulting from my time in Junelle's classes!

The altered book cover resulted from one of Junelle's projects as well, with the addition of a little bee stamp I carved.
P.S. Don't worry, I still have my original copy, which I go back and read on a regular basis. This journal is made from one I nabbed at a Goodwill store for a couple of bucks.

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