Thursday, April 23, 2015


I'm heading up to Dallas today for an uncle's funeral, so you won't be hearing from me for a few days. Uncle Jay was the last of my mom's siblings to pass away, even though he was the oldest of the four. He was a postman back in the days when they actually walked their routes. Just goes to show what fresh air and plenty of exercise can do for you. Sadly, both parents and all of their siblings are now gone. Know what that means? It means my siblings and I have officially become "the old folks." Kinda freaks you out, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some of Hubby's art for a change. He has always loved photography, and has a great eye for composition, but what he loves even more is the "mechanics" of photography, and all of the related equipment. When he moved to Singapore right after college, he went on a bit of a shopping spree, buying all kinds of camera and stereo equipment. After we got married and moved to a little beach bungalow in Indonesia, he proceeded to take a billion sunset photos, then bought all of the equipment to develop and print the photos himself. He set up his darkroom on a board over the bathtub!

He had actual darkrooms in our first couple of houses, but then came babies, and our first video camera. After that, the digital age. Lucky for him, he discovered that he enjoys manipulating his pictures in Photoshop just as much, if not more than, he every enjoyed printing and developing them. Here is one of his latest projects, using a photo he took in the Latin Quarter of Paris a few years back.

I made him frame this one, and hang it in our dining room.


Donna Lange said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle, have a safe trip to Dallas.

Love the photo and the changes made through Photoshop! Two artists in the family, how cool.

musingegret said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous! Please start featuring more of John's work---I thought he was primarily an electronics/speculative fiction afficianado---now I know---an artist also!!

LaNell Taylor said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle. My Uncle died Tues. he was 93 and lived in Oklahoma. My Dad was one of nine. There is one brother and two sisters left. Sure is hard to lose this generation. Love John's Photography. Drive safely. Bad weather for a few days. LaNell

Corrine at said...

Sorry about your loss. An artist in the family, or two, or three. Wonderful memories for sure. xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

Thank you ladies. It was a good trip, and my uncle lived a very long, very good life, surrounded by a large and loving family. Truly a man with no regrets!