Monday, April 20, 2015


Despite all predictions of dire weather conditions, we managed to make it through an entire fun-filled weekend, spent mostly outside, without ever getting wet.

Saturday, after a somewhat hilarious brunch (which I will tell you about in a minute) we headed into town for the annual Wimberley Arts Fest, down at Blue Hole Park.

First stop is always the classic car gathering, near the entrance to the park.

Then there is the live music to relax and enjoy, a food truck or two, and booth after booth filled with all sorts of hand-made goodness. I was standing in one booth, looking at all the wonderful mixed-media paintings that had all kinds of fibers and little goodies added in for a 3-D effect, when it suddenly occurred to me that I recognized this art. "Hey! I know you!", I said to the darling young woman with the strawberry-blonde hair and freckles. "This is The Freckled Army!"

I first came across Elissa Brown's work in one of my Stampington art magazines several years ago, and it was love at first sight. Even better to see them up close and personal!

Then, of course, there were the new six-foot tall, hand painted boots that were being unveiled as part of the Bootiful Wimberley program. This one is my new, color-mad favorite.

Guess who sponsored it?

Mima's! Which means I get to visit it every time I stop in for a chicken fajita taco...which, as you know, is fairly often. Maybe this is why they've been busy painting all their patio tables and chairs in bright fiesta colors over the last month or two! 

This booth is going to provide great inspiration for an upcoming project in Junelle's Art of Spring class, which involves sketching a little barn or farmhouse.

Or maybe I should just sketch that little old church house that I see every time I look out my dining room window?

I got separated from Hubby after a while. No problem. I knew just where to find him!

Thanks to our local W.A.G. Rescue, there are always puppies at any local event, and Hubby always makes a beeline for them!  It was a very fun day.

OK, back to our breakfast story.

Friday evening we took the kids to dinner at Hays City Cafe, which I told you about a month or two ago, when they first opened. While there we noticed that, at some point, they had added breakfast into the line-up. We decided to give it a try the next morning, since Wimberley Cafe is always so dang crowded, especially on a festival or Market Days weekend.

The waitress came over to hand us our menus, saying "Just want you to know, before you get your hopes up, that we are all out of biscuits." Hmmm. Okay, well, I wanted to try their Migas anyway, and most everyone else wanted pancakes or breakfast tacos, so, no problem.

A few minutes later she was back. "I really, really hate to tell you this, but we just ran out of pancakes too. We just weren't expecting quite this many people, and everything is made from scratch." I told her we realized it was hard to know what to expect the first few weeks, before word gets out, then asked how long they had been serving breakfast. "Umm, a couple of hours? Today is our first day." Ahhhh, no wonder.

A short time later she was back at our table, tail between her legs. "I'm so, so sorry, but we just ran out of the pico de gallo that goes on one of those tacos you ordered." "That's fine, just give me two of the other one."

A few minutes later she was headed back to our table. "OMG! What now?" "Good news this time. They made more pancakes!"

Know what? Those were, without a doubt, some of the best Migas and pancakes we've ever had, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back, now that they know how many people to expect!


Corrine at said...

Love those boots, how many will there be around town? xox

Hill Country Hippie said...

I think maybe 40 or 50? I love them too!