Sunday, March 1, 2015


It's been awhile, but daughter Lex and I finally made it to another of the Lakeline Alamo Drafthouse's "Tea & Movie" events. She even managed to convince Mr. Nate to join us! The movie this time was The Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt -- one of my faves! What I didn't realize until just now was that it was written by Julian Fellowes. Isn't he the author of the Downton Abbey series?

As with the previous events, you start with a printed souvenir menu as your place mat, a long rectangular tray with three separate treats, and three empty cups and saucers. You eat the treats in order, and at well spaced intervals your server comes by and fills one cup with a special tea which has been chosen to go with that particular treat.

I simply must get my hands on some more of that Vanilla Honeybush tea. Yummm! They had me as soon as the first pot was carried into the theater, and I caught a faint whiff of it. Fortunately, it comes from local purveyor Zhi Tea. Plus, it's caffeine free, so I can even drink it after dinner. Woohoo!

The movie left me wanting to know more about these people and that epoch, so I did some digging around on the internet. You might enjoy this little clip I found.

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